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Fetus Booth and Brennan

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Bones filming around L.A.

Very large scene…awesome!

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That ring makes you even more attractive.

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"The difference between past and future is nowhere to be found in the laws of physics. Everything I want or need is here. Right now."

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"You said we’re all stunted adolescents who take children’s games too seriously."

"I never meant you."

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Watching The fact in the fiction and I still feel jipped about that scene in the kitchen. After Brennan’s lovely words about not needing to time travel because everything she needs and loves is here, she didn’t even get her kiss. I hope Booth made it up to her later that night.

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His comportment is excellent…except when sometimes he starts making out with his partner during an assignment…heh

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Brennan, if you’re angry at Cam…yell at Cam. No need to take it out on Clark, who was only doing his job. I love that Clark stood up for himself, nice to see him grow some backbone.

Clark is the forensic anthropologist. Anything she questions about the job a forensic anthropologist is supposed to do will be directed at Clark, whether it’s his decision or not. I’m sure she already yelled at Cam or will yell at her heh