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Fanfiction - Season 10


If you are interested in reading Bones Fanfiction and would like to read stories based upon the Season 9 finale, then check these out:

Hope Begins in the Dark – Rynogeny

Arabesque – Covalent Bond

Maximum Security – faithinbones

The Lies in the Truth – Amandafriend

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Its funny how I see people in the fandom that pine away for the early days of the show. When I pick up my DVDs to watch something I always end up grabbing one of the recent seasons instead. The earliest I go for is the last disc of the season 6 DVD set.

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Meet Market Monday: Temperance Brennan



As we mentioned last week, TYLL will be hosting a weekly feature on an awesome character we think you should get to know. On this Labor Day Monday, why not join us in celebrating another inspiring lady on our airwaves? This week’s subject may reside on the small screen, but her accomplishments, and her personality, are larger than life!

Name: Temperance Brennan (Née Joy Keenan… It’s a long story. Also goes by “Bones” by a certain someone. Get it?)
Occupation: Forensic anthropologist at the Jeffersonian Institution in Washington, D.C.; FBI consultant
Show: Bones

Whether it’s fending off the army in a Tibetan jungle, surveying genocide grave sites in Darfur, writing the next New York Times bestselling crime novel, running away with the circus (yeah that happened), or generally kicking ass, she’s a woman of action you don’t want to mess with. Yet she’s got a heart of gold that makes you keep coming back for more.

Meet Temperance Brennan!

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Here, have some Labour Day feels, everyone.

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"Every time I say No, the Assistant Director says he can’t get along without me."
"I feel the same way."

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becauseyoulovemebb replied to your post “Lol, what is this “Doctor in the Photo” episode of which you speak? I…”

Same. I’m super confused. (srsly though, what is it with the influx of DITP posts on my dash after I made my post yesterday, about how much it hurts me, lol)


This sounds correct to me.

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Taking naked pictures of yourself does not make you a bad person. People who share them without your permission are bad people.

Taking naked pictures of yourself doesn’t make you a bad person, just a little too trusting and a tiny bit stupid.